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San Giuseppe Special Dalmine (BG): a destiny to meet them

Today, I am telling you a true, wonderful story of other special bergamasque people who have never given up, even when they faced with the risk of disbandment. 

It is the story of the San Giuseppe Special, composed by disabled 5-a-side soccer players, who I have been following since last year, when I met them on the way to Atalanta, sitting behind them in the Rinascimento Stand. Perhaps, it was destiny to meet them.

In Cinisello Balsamo we have in fact the Church of San Giuseppe, while the San Giuseppe Special that I am talking you about is the Team of the Church and Oratory of San Giuseppe in Dalmine, in the province of Bergamo.

Only in March 2023, the team risked the disbandment because of too few members. A public appeal was then published by L’Eco di Bergamo and

Photo by courtesy of San Giuseppe Special

shared by other newspapers, as well as on social media, avoiding a bitter end.

In fact, Sport bridges differences and has the power to unite them, forming a team, just like music, when both become that fundamental vehicle for transmitting values ​​and breaking down any type of discrimination.

It is the story of Andrea, Khalil, Fabio, Noemi, Gabriele, Laura, Rebecca, Alessio.

And also of the coaches Alessandra and Ivano. And even their assistant Tarzia.

The team plays every 15 days in the Group B of the Special 5-a-side Soccer, in which, in addition to the S. Giuseppe ASD, we find the Special 5 Aurora, the Ol. Strabalu Blu, the Insuperabili Blu, the Nembrese 1913 and the Cappuccinese.

3 points are awarded for the win, 2 for the draw and 1 for every lost game. 

San Giuseppe Special finished last year’s season in a good position, but this year the squad has really outdone itself: so far 3 games played, 2 win, a draw, with the most goals scored, and, waiting for the standings to be updated with the results of the other games, first place solo in the Group B with 8 points.

In the worst case scenario, we will see San Giuseppe Special still first in the standings, but tied with another team between Special 5 Aurora and Ol. Strabalu Blu.

The start of this year’s season was excellent, Dalmine’s San Giuseppe Special has outdone itself, plus the squad has become even more a Team, always playing with the sole goal: fun. Of course, if you win, it is better. 

For more info and to stay in touch with the Team, please join San Giuseppe Special’s Facebook page by clicking on this link or looking for San Giuseppe Special.

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